Freshpair needed a new user experience for one of their most profitable personas, known as "Thrill". This male was categorized as purchasing risque product and reacted well to racy imagery. The Freshpair site currently consisted of conventional/tame photography, so we wanted to give these guys a different experience as well as more relevant categories. 

My Role

I was Lead Designer on this project, only working with 1 other person, my Marketing Director at a very small company. 

Please note that there are men in revealing underwear below.

Thrill Persona Defined

On-Site Behavior Analysis

By analyzing on-site behavior for our Thrill customers, and looking at our most visited pages and most popular categories, we designed an experience tailored to those specific customers and categories.
We then provided this targeted Thrill experience ONLY to customers who had already purchased products in the Thrill category in the past year.
Sitemap shows the new pages we added in blue

Wireframes (Click to enlarge)

Whole New World

In our resarch phase we discovered some new popular sub-categories that we wanted our customers to find easily. 

Our homepage needed to be designed for first time visitors linked to this targeted experience via affiliate channels. We wanted to give customers the option of shopping by style but we also wanted to test which style was clicked more often (Bold, Thrill, or Designer). 
Our men's category page needed to serve as a landing page for one of our biggest affiliate advertisers. Most visitors were returning users, so we put our most visited categories in the banner navigation.

UX Flow Map (Click to Enlarge)

Sub-Category Pages

Several of our most visited sub-category pages were built out with visual navigation to help entice customers to other popular sub-categories that might be difficult to find.


Months after the launch, we continually updated the categories or tweaked content based on the activity we were viewing on-site.


This was one of the most successful projects I worked on at Freshpair because we could see it in the numbers, our users loved the new interface and sales in this category increased.

Pains and Gains

My Marketing Director taught me some valuable lessons about Google Analytics during this project! Sometimes if I had a question about site behavior he would direct me to the analytics link and I would dive in and see for myself, which was fascinating. 

Homepage and Men's Category Page

Sub-Category Pages

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