Nasdaq was relaunching an existing SaaS software, Boardvantage; which is a collaboration tool for leadership teams. The current version of the product had a confusing navigation structure and they needed my help to improve the interface and experience.

My Role

Product Design, UX, UI, Information Architecture, and rapid prototyping. I was the sole designer but frequently worked with my design team (Rich Hemsley and Erin Newby) to gather feedback and align direction. I also worked with several Product Managers and our Dev Team. 
Existing System

Before I could improve a system, I had to undestand it. I also wanted to start where I thought there were the most problems: mobile. That led to the creation of a massive application map (see below).

Application Map of the original Boardvantage (Click to enlarge)

Creating My North Star

Next I created a "North Star" application map. This would serve as a living document of IA structure we could aim for down the road when integrated it into our product roadmap for later versions of the product. It helped us to see where we wanted to start and what could be done sooner and later. 

My 1st draft of proposed App Map for Boardvantage (Click to enlarge)

Starting Place: Main Navigation Clean Up

After presenting some visuals and supporting documents to our product management team about my "North Star" IA structure, they agreed to go ahead with a new design for the main navigation for the upcoming release. 
I've highlighted some of the updates to the navigation design below. 
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