Early Days

Before I found graphic design, in young adult years, I couldn’t stop scrapbooking. They were always gifts, so I would brainstorm about what kind of colors, patterns, photos would give my friend or family member the most joy. And people were thrilled! My drive for making scrapbooks was about the connection I felt to the receiver. Flash forward many years of school, art projects, soul searching, different jobs and I end up here, as a UX/UI Designer.

These Days

Product Designer with a background in eCommerce and Graphic Design. I've always had the passion for design but it wasn't until I found user experience and interaction design that I added the necessary human-centric component that was missing from my work. I'm most passionate about understanding real human problems and providing simple solutions through visual systems.  

After Hours

I'm a calm, focused person who loves meeting new people and collaborating on projects. I'm a daily meditation practitioner and yogi; and I'm proud to say that these hobbies really help me in my professional life because I'm able to stay focused and calm during stressful times, as well as work very efficiently.
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