Sports Bra Sale Digital Campaign

UI Design, Project Mgmt, Content Strategy


Freshpair wanted to promote their annual Sports Bra Sale and leverage the seasonal preference for this category.

My Role

I was Lead Designer on this project. I worked with VP of Merchandising and Marketing on the concept and strategy, and I was in charge of all visuals. 
Left to Right: Category Page Banner, Homepage Hero, and Email Design
Lack of Awareness

Did you know the extreme craftmanship and innovation that goes into the design
of a Sports Bra? Many don't. Two seemingly similar bras might have been constructed for completely different purposes. We wanted to sell sports bras in a new way: by impact level; while relating the impact levels to types of activities. Give users the option to shop by impact level without forcing them to.
Mobile Designs

You can see in the images above (right side), that we decided to tag our sports bras by impact level to help drive home the difference between 2 products that might look the same but really were crafted for different purposes. 


This was only 1 in a group of campaigns we did with an educational theme. Unfortunately, our customers weren't reacting well to them (overall). Possibly bra education was just too complicated to explain? (If you're a lady you probably understand this). Maybe static design was the wrong medium? Either way, the badges were kept on the site permanently, after the sale was over to help guide users. 

Personal Note

This project helped propel me towards receiving more training on UX design. If I could go back, I would utilize UX strategies to understand some of the challenges we faced at Freshpair and try to answer my questions above.

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